Brian Williams

Brian Williams attended Cal Poly Pomona, and became an Industrial Engineer, and adopted the pursuit of becoming a Futurist. After college, Brian went to work in the Aerospace Industry in engineering, working with engineers and source inspectors from the DOD and NASA on the B1B, and the Space Shuttle, among many aircraft/aerospace projects. For 20 years, Brian was president of his own software company, Computer eCommerce, and completed over 700 software projects for 300+ clients. With Brian working in the role of System Architect and New Media Producer, his team of programmers, DBAs, designers and authors created apps, enterprise systems, and business software. Brian’s current interests focus on a new company called One Item, Inc. In March 2018, Brian was named Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of One Item. He is now working on several books, and the next one is titled “Mankind’s Next Thousand Years”.

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