Billie’s Rules for Success

No one is born a success.

But everyone has the potential to become one. Billie Dragoo, CEO and founder of RepuCare, shares her seven rules that have been successfully tested in business and everyday life.

1. Hold a healthy disrespect for the impossible.

A healthy disrespect for the impossible gives you the strength and fortitude to fight the naysayers, the critics, the less than helpful people who have a need to tell you why the thing you’ve chosen to do cannot Take whatever they say with a smiling face, a rugged determination, and simply just get on with the job!

2. Don’t follow your dreams: Lead them!

Venture out now and Set a big goal and go for it. Creating plans and dreams but more importantly acting upon them, creates the sort of success you dream about.

3. Make use of the one thing you can control: The power to define yourself and to use your power.

We women all too often give away our power to others and we become defined by it. I think much of this is cultural, and we need to remember that power is an important part of every woman’s DNA. And powerful women are inspiring.

4. Find a way into the room.

If there is one thing we must accomplish over the next decade, it is finding a way into the room: the board room, the US Congress, in leadership positions within our communities. All the important decisions are made in the room, and way too many women have not been invited in.

5. Choose wisely whom you spend your time with.

You actually become like the five people you spend the most time. We know from years of research that you “become who you hang with.” It’s a fact. You personally are deeply affected by the people you choose to spend your time with.

6. Understand the power of reciprocity.

According to a landmark study commissioned by McKinsey a few years ago, there is one important concept that women do not fully understand, nor do they utilize. It is called the power of reciprocity. Now guys are born with the reciprocity gene. They can fight and argue and compete, slap each other on the back and it’s over. They also do favors for one another and see it as an important part of business Women, according to the study, do not consistently do these things. In fact, the surprising thing the McKinsey researchers found was that women leaders often fail to reciprocate and find expectations that they should do so distasteful. This has to stop and each of us would be smart to find a way to get really good at reciprocity.

7. Failure isn’t falling down– it’s the staying down.

Failure can break you or build The wonderful thing is you get to choose which one it will be. And failure always loses to optimism. Optimism is a core factor to success.