Lesson 1: Hold A Healthy Disrespect For The Impossible

The first of the seven lessons that Billie learned throughout her career is: “hold a healthy disrespect for the impossible.” Billie Dragoo is an esteemed entrepreneur recognized for her success and hard work in her industry. However, she had to build herself, and her brand, from the ground up through turmoil and adversary that she faced from the outside world. She faced critics who told her, “that won’t work” or “that can’t be done”; however, this only made her more determined to prove these naysayers wrong.  Throughout her successful career, she realized that most of the big events in her life were deemed “impossible” from the outside world.  In Billie’s words: “having a healthy disrespect for the impossible gives you the strength to fight the critics who have the need to tell you why the thing you have chosen to do cannot work.”

Prove The Critics Wrong

A company that clearly exemplifies this fortitude to achieve what history has deemed to be impossible is “She Should Run.”  She Should Run is a non-profit organization that encourages women to run for office. The mission of the organization is to identify the barriers women face when running for office and overcome them by “data-driven content, education, and collective action.” (She Should Run)

Today, less than a third of leaders in office are female – even though women make up 51% of the US population. She Should Run sees this disparity not as a loss but as an opportunity to empower women to use their voice and run for leadership positions. To overcome this institutional inequality, She Should Run has a vision to see 250,000 women run for office on all levels by 2030.  There are more than 500,000 elected offices in this country, and women are clearly under-represented. This is a goal that She Should Run truly believes in. To accomplish this goal, the company dedicates resources toward empowering women of all ages; for example, the She Should Run Incubator is a set of free online courses designed to help women of all backgrounds educate and envision themselves in public leadership.

She Should Run is a woman run business founded by Erin Loos Cutraro. Erin and her efforts through She Should Run encouraged nearly 40,000 women to run for office since 2011.  Just like Billie, Erin is a successful entrepreneur that looks for innovative solutions to crucial social issues.

The Fortitude to Achieve

Both Billie and Erin embody this determination and courage to overcome what critics say to be “impossible.” These trailblazers created companies from the ground up with the shared vision of encouraging other women to realize their potential. RepuCare commends Erin and her company for being an advocate for the community, for ignoring the critics and successfully achieving what was thought to be “impossible.”

To learn more about Erin and her company, click here for the company website!