Lesson 2: Don’t Follow Your Dreams: Lead Them!

As a successful entrepreneur, female advocate and accomplished business leader, Billie has won a plethora of awards celebrating her hard work. However, this did not happen overnight. Like many entrepreneurs, she had to start from somewhere – and Billie started with a dream. Not only did she have a dream to be the founder and C.E.O of her own business, but she also had the determination and courage to make that dream happen. The experience gained in pursuing her dream led to the foundation of Billie’s second lesson learned: don’t follow your dreams, lead them.

Billie has watched too many women wait for the ‘right time’ to pursue their dreams. Whether it be more financial stability, a stable family life, or a variety of other reasons, waiting for the “right” opportunity is wishful thinking. Billie learned through her career that usually, this scenario won’t play out. There is never going to be the “perfect” time to do something, so why not venture out and start now? Having a dream is important, however, having the guts and willpower to make that dream a reality is how to become a true leader.

Guts and Willpower

This week, we’re highlighting a company that is not only an advocate for leading their own dreams, but also helps others lead theirs: Women Unlimited, Inc. Women Unlimited was founded by Jean Otte in 1994. Jean envisioned companies investing in women leadership positions within organizations. She believed that creating a more diverse C-suite was not only the right thing to do, it was also the smart thing to do (Women Unlimited). Jean had a vision and believed in it so much that at her company’s inception, she received no compensation for her work. In the end, it paid off.

Women Unlimited is a company that provides innovative programs for women in any stage of their career path. Their approach focuses on three main pillars: mentoring, educating, and networking. Using these pillars, Women Unlimited gives women, and their partners, an understanding of leadership and how to put it into action.

Today, Jean’s vision has created an organization with an understanding that every corporate culture is different. Women Unlimited tailors its programs to fit the structure of their clients. This personalization and commitment to diversity keep clients coming back. In fact, “96% of (their) corporate partners continue to enroll participants and mentors”  (Women Unlimited). This clearly exemplifies the company’s full utilization of resources to help women turn their dreams of leadership into a reality.

Turning Dreams of Leadership Into Reality

Jean not only had the courage to turn her dream into a reality, but also demonstrated the determination and initiative to achieve her goals. Like Billie, Jean built her company from the ground up. She had a vision, and she built on that vision every day. Both women had the confidence and strength of character to believe in themselves and their ideas. In the end, a dream is just a dream: it is up to you to make it a reality.

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