Lesson 3: Make use of the one thing you can control: ‘the power to define yourself and to use your power’

Power. Billie preaches this lesson because countless times she has had to remind fellow entrepreneurs that they hold the cards. That they have the power.  In life, many of us have been conditioned to give away our power, whether in a business setting or a relationship. However, Billie encourages us to recognize and reclaim our power to define our success. This is the time to remember that power is an important part of our DNA, and this mindset will enable you to achieve you highest potential.

Force To Be Reckoned With

Someone who owns her power and clearly exemplifies this third lesson is one of Billie’s closest friends: Anna Powell. Billie immediately saw this vibrant young woman as a force to be reckoned with when it came to power and determination.  Anna started her career in corporate banking. However, after the financial crisis of 2009, her boss gave her two options: stay in the area and take a severance or move to Ohio. Ultimately, she decided to stay. After a year in Michigan, Anna quickly got tired of the same old hustle and bustle and decided to move to Indy!

Upon moving to Indy, Anna became involved with Dress for Success, an organization helping women achieve economic independence. But during her journey with this organization, she discovered her true passion: cooking. Anna immediately decided she was going to culinary school. Today, she is not only a highly respected chef, but she also has earned a degree in philanthropy and law.

Define Yourself

Anna is the epitome of defining yourself using your power. She started as a banker in Michigan; now, she is a well-known chef with a degree in philosophy and law. Did Anna know that this career path awaited her? No. She took control of her future by believing in her power. Now she gives back to the community that helped her achieve her goals. Both Billie and Anna embraced their inner power to build their dreams. Billie preaches this third rule because using her power was the foundation of her success. Just like Anna and Billie, none of us know what exactly the future has in store for us. But if we don’t use our power to define ourselves, we may never know the possibilities that lie ahead.



I Define Success: Anna Powell