Lesson 5: Choose Wisely Whom You Spend Your Time With.

Billie’s fifth and favorite lesson is “choose wisely whom you spend your time with.” It is proven that people reflect the characteristics and tendencies of those who they spend the most time with.  If you choose to spend your time with negative and unmotivated people, then you are more likely to become negative and unmotivated.  However, spending time with people who are supportive and who truly want to see you succeed motivates you to become the best version of yourself.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Someone who has taken this lesson to heart is Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors.  Before Barra became the boss of GM, she started as a human resource representative.  When she first was offered the human resources position for GM, she didn’t know if she should take the position; it didn’t quite relate to her engineering background. However, Barra had a network of mentors to turn to for advice on this important career decision. Bara reached out to her mentors, who enthusiastically encouraged her to pursue the role that ended up changing the course of her life and leading to her current success.

The Power of Mentors

Barra believes that having a mentor is an asset but having a strong network of mentors is crucial for growth.  She preaches that when building a network there are two questions to ask yourself: the first is asking honestly what your short and long-term goals are, and the second is asking how hard you will work to achieve them. Once these questions are answered, mentors are the next step.  Billie and Barra both are strong advocates for mentors.  These two women are leading CEOs that not only believe in the power of mentors but are mentors themselves.  Having people in your life that you look up to is a crucial element  in believing in yourself and your success.



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