Lesson 6: Understand the Power of Reciprocity

Billie’s sixth lesson is understanding the power of reciprocity.  Oxford Languages defines reciprocity as “the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.”  This concept is extremely important in a business setting because networking and mutual exchanges are one of the unwritten rules of business transactions.  Billie believes that using and taking advantage of reciprocity will in turn help lead to success.

Strong Business Connections

Reciprocity is something that is woven in our DNA. It is wired into the way we interact with people.  Through years of social experiments, it has been proven that people respond favorably when they feel as though they owe you.  The mere act of giving someone a gift will ultimately result in a thank you card. When you get a free sample, you are more likely to buy a product. This concept directly relates to business because it is shown that the strongest relationships are built on reciprocity.  Building a genuine relationship where each party has full trust in the other is the foundation of a strong business connection.

Expand Your Horizons

Billie preaches that using the power of reciprocity is at the heart of relationships.  Taking advantage of the human nature to give and take is something that people need to learn to capitalize on.  Doing this can open your world and expand your horizons to connections and opportunities that were not previously there.