Lesson 7: Failure isn’t falling down- it’s the staying down

Billie’s seventh and final lesson is “failure isn’t falling down- it’s the staying down.” Through her 25 years of being a self-driven entrepreneur, her journey to success didn’t come without failure.  It never does.  Being a self -starter, failure often comes with the territory.  However, the driving proponent of success is the choice to progress forward despite failures. It is your choice.  Choosing to persevere through adversary instead of succumbing to it will only strengthen your resolve.  This is exactly what Arianna Huffington did.

Choose to Persevere

Arianna Huffington is a Greek-born writer who founded the Huffington Post in 2005.  At the beginning of her career, Arianna was rejected by 36 publishers because English was her second language.  However, she persisted.  She then went on to run for the Governor of California against Arnold Schwarzenegger; she received only 0.55% of the votes.  Again, she persevered.  After trial and error, Arianna started the Huffington Post as the Editor-in-Chief in 2005 and the brand has been exponentially growing ever since. However, she didn’t stop there.  In 2016 she started Thrive Global which is an online platform that gives people resources on how to balance life and work.  Arianna is hungry for growth and does not accept defeat.

Hungry For Growth

Just like Billie, Arianna built on her failures to continue her journey of success. These women have faced trials in their lives and will continue to face them.  But, instead of giving in to the negativity around failure, they used it as a lesson for growth. Failing is hard; making mistakes or having unsatisfactory results can be a huge ego-hit. It can breed self-doubt and insecurity. Do I really have what it takes? Remember, though, that the most successful entrepreneurs recognize the inevitability of failure and choose to learn from those experiences to build a more successful future.