New Fall Blog Series: Billie’s 7 Lessons Learned!

Throughout her professional career and personal life, Billie Dragoo, RepuCare’s founder and CEO, has learned many valuable lessons that have allowed her to grow as an entrepreneur and leader. Over the next several weeks, we will be taking a deep dive into each one of these lessons that she has learned thus far.  Each week we will be analyzing her advice and relating them to the real world and companies that exemplify that week’s lesson.

Billie is an entrepreneur who has built RepuCare from the ground up, while also being a founder of the Indiana Conference for Women.  She has made herself an unstoppable force in her industry and has won many awards recognizing her hard work.  However, Billie has gone through hardships in order to get where she is today – this is where her lessons come into play.

Billie has been a powerful advocate for women since 2003. The main points that she advocates for are access to capital, access to venture money, and corporate board opportunities for women.  Being a successful female entrepreneur, she knows all too well that it is often harder for women to succeed in many male dominated fields.  In fact , according to Statista, in 2019 the rate of emerging entrepreneurship for women was .15% lower compared to men.  This may not seem too promising, but overall, in the past 20 years there has been a 114% increase in female entrepreneurs. Women are making positive progress towards evening the playing field – something that Billie continues to be extremely passionate about.

Billie’s lessons that she has learned throughout her successful career are aimed at helping women realize their potential and to do exactly what they want to do even if it seems impossible.  With that being said, stay tuned each Friday as we take a deep dive into each of Billie’s 7 lessons!

Billie’s 7 Lessons Learned

Lesson 1: Hold a healthy disrespect for the impossible

When Billie started RepuCare, there were many people that said “that might not work” or “you can’t make it on your own”.  Today, not only has Billie built RepuCare into a leading workforce solutions provider, but she is also the founder of the Indiana Conference for Women.  Having a healthy disrespect for the impossible gives you the strength to fight the critics that don’t believe in you.

Lesson 2: Don’t follow your dreams: lead them!

Billie has watched too many women stand by and wait for a better time to do something with their life.  Through her many years of being a successful business woman, she has made the conclusion that it is best to “set a big goal and go for it”.  There is no better time than the present.

Lesson 3: Make use of the one thing you can control: “the power to define yourself and to use your power”

Billie believes that women can use their power to bring about collaboration, community and innovative ideas. As she often says, “power is an important part of every woman’s DNA”.

Lesson 4: Find a way into the room

As time has shown, it is absolutely critical that women have a seat at the table, because historically that has not been the case.  Billie believes that women view the world differently and have the ability to bring a fresh, new perspective to many issues.

Lesson 5: Chose wisely who you spend your time with

Research has shown that you “become who you hang with”, so the people that you surround yourself with are an important part of who you are as a person.  Billie believes that this is the most valuable lesson she has learned because it applies to both our personal and professional lives.

Lesson 6: Understand the power of reciprocity

Historically, Billie believes that women haven’t fully harnessed the power of reciprocity.  Throughout her career, Billie has made it a point to give back to those who have helped her – something that she believes can bring a positive change to anyone’s career.

Lesson 7: Failure is not falling down- it’s the staying down

Failure can break you or build you. As a successful entrepreneur, Billie understands and recognizes that failure, more often than not, comes along with the job.  The important thing to remember is that it is your choice whether to stay down or work hard to redeem yourself.image.gif