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RepuCare CEO Gets Big Invite

Writer / Alex Brown Source / The chief executive officer of Indianapolis-based RepuCare says she is “in awe” of her invitation from President Barack Obama to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University. Billie Dragoo, a co-founder of the Indiana Conference for Women calls the invitation a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and… Read More

Growing Through New Experiences

Earlier this month, RepuCare took a hike – literally! The team headed to Holiday Park in Indianapolis for a team building retreat with DNK Presents. This exercise was a chance for the people who make it all happen to get out of the office and strengthen their interpersonal bonds and take some time to focus… Read More

Making Waves with Billie Dragoo

Writer / Kara Reibel Photographer / Amy Unger Source / RepuCare Founder, President and CEO Billie Dragoo has an office so heavily decorated with awards and accolades that it appears to be a trophy room at a Hall of Fame museum. Dragoo is honored to have received every award proudly displayed in her office…. Read More

Why Women Matter

The Mayor’s Office in Indianapolis is not in step with women. Out of 17 top positions, the administration has only one appointment that is a woman. In addition, this is the first time since Richard Lugar was mayor there is not a woman as deputy mayor. Women make up the majority of the American voting… Read More

Hoosier Entrepreneurs Share Keys to Success

Entrepreneurship, from the outside looking in, seems to be a path encompassing many things people desire—freedom from the ball and chain of cubicles, time clocks and bosses, being at the top of the list—yet forego upon realizing the enormous responsibility that comes along with self-employment. Read full article here.

Repucare Onsite Clinic At Celadon Training Facility

Repucare recently opened an onsite clinic at the Celadon Group training facility on the east side of Indianapolis on January 27, 2014. Celadon is a trucking company with over 4,000 employees, and they attribute their low turn over rate to health and wellness programs. The facility consists of classrooms, living quarters, a cafeteria, basketball and… Read More

Repucare Founder Billie Dragoo Has Finger On Pulse Of Health-Care Needs

Billie Dragoo is an entrepreneur and inspiration. After winning a Small Business Administration loan, Dragoo started RepuCare, which provides staffing for a variety of health-care needs, with Beverly Chilman in 1995. View the complete article at