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Healthcare Stress and Burnout

The nation’s healthcare workforce is still struggling and trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic that struck the world nearly three years ago. Labor shortages and financial challenges have increased stress and burnout among all staff ranging from nurses to executives. These trends are expected to continue to pose challenges to health systems and the workforce this year and in the years going forward.

Staffing shortages among nurses are expected to continue this year, leading to the ongoing use of contract labor to fill these gaps. Heightened labor costs are posing financial challenges for the healthcare workforce and many businesses are unable to adjust to them. This can cause intense stress for workers in healthcare.

Many healthcare workers have reported feeling stressed and emotionally exhausted. Not only is this hitting nurses and physicians, but healthcare executives are also now experiencing symptoms of burnout, leading them to consider different careers. This then increases turnover rates.

Surveys have been conducted and conclude that executives and healthcare workers have felt significantly less productive and unable to overcome challenges at work. They were less determined to make an impact in their careers. Increased burnout may lead to greater shortages within the healthcare workforce, making it harder for patients to receive care when they need it.

In order to further prevent stress and burnout within the healthcare workforce, healthcare organizations need to act. This means building a commitment to the health and safety of workers and ensuring that they are not deterred from seeking care for their physical and mental health. Organizations and places of work need to take care of all types of healthcare workers.

As an expert in healthcare recruiting, RepuCare is well prepared to help organizations work through these challenges.

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