Pharmacy Benefit Managers


Pharmacy Benefit Managers are companies that manage prescription drug benefits for large employers, health insurers, drug plans, and other payers. PBMs operate in the middle of the distribution chain for prescription drugs by negotiating with drug manufacturers and pharmacies over drug spending. This way, PBMs are able to directly impact the total drug costs for insurers, patients’ access to medications, and how much pharmacies are paid.


How RepuCare can help.

With expertise in the healthcare industry, RepuCare offers end-to-end Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions to PBM’s. We know that customer service, industry knowledge, and healthcare experience are key to individuals working within the PBM industry. RepuCare works with PBM’s to quickly and efficiently stand-up large Pharmacy and Prior Authorization call centers, two critical pieces to an effective PBM offering.