HEDIS Programs

Propel your career.

Push yourself to be the best with RepuCare. From registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, RepuCare will help you prepare for HEDIS and health assessment programs to promote your extracurricular training. We’ll provide the tools and testing you need to enhance your professional spectrum.

“I appreciate the staffing that you have been able to secure for our HEDIS project. (The employee) will be joining the team this Monday as the project manager, and we are looking forward to her transitioning into this role ...” ~ Manager, Managed Health Care Provider
Programs We Offer:
  • Health Plan Policy and Procedures
  • HEDIS Diabetes Screen Program
  • HEDIS Cervical Cancer Screening Program
  • HEDIS Glaucoma Screening Program
  • Flu Vaccination Program
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Emergency Room Diversion