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Lesson 7: Failure isn’t falling down- it’s the staying down

Billie’s seventh and final lesson is “failure isn’t falling down- it’s the staying down.” Through her 25 years of being a self-driven entrepreneur, her journey to success didn’t come without failure.  It never does.  Being a self -starter, failure often comes with the territory.  However, the driving proponent of success is the choice to progress forward despite failures. It… Read More

Lesson 6: Understand the Power of Reciprocity

Billie’s sixth lesson is understanding the power of reciprocity.  Oxford Languages defines reciprocity as “the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.”  This concept is extremely important in a business setting because networking and mutual exchanges are one of the unwritten rules of business transactions.  Billie believes that using and taking advantage of… Read More

Lesson 5: Choose Wisely Whom You Spend Your Time With.

Billie’s fifth and favorite lesson is “choose wisely whom you spend your time with.” It is proven that people reflect the characteristics and tendencies of those who they spend the most time with.  If you choose to spend your time with negative and unmotivated people, then you are more likely to become negative and unmotivated.  However, spending time… Read More

Lesson 4: Find a Way into the Room

Billie’s fourth lesson learned is “find a way into the room.”  The room is a term used to describe the group of people who are in power making decisions. Many people wait to be invited into the room when in reality, no one is going to do that but yourself. Billie, being a successful entrepreneur… Read More

Lesson 2: Don’t Follow Your Dreams: Lead Them!

As a successful entrepreneur, female advocate and accomplished business leader, Billie has won a plethora of awards celebrating her hard work. However, this did not happen overnight. Like many entrepreneurs, she had to start from somewhere – and Billie started with a dream. Not only did she have a dream to be the founder and… Read More

Lesson 1: Hold A Healthy Disrespect For The Impossible

The first of the seven lessons that Billie learned throughout her career is: “hold a healthy disrespect for the impossible.” Billie Dragoo is an esteemed entrepreneur recognized for her success and hard work in her industry. However, she had to build herself, and her brand, from the ground up through turmoil and adversary that she… Read More

New Fall Blog Series: Billie’s 7 Lessons Learned!

Throughout her professional career and personal life, Billie Dragoo, RepuCare’s founder and CEO, has learned many valuable lessons that have allowed her to grow as an entrepreneur and leader. Over the next several weeks, we will be taking a deep dive into each one of these lessons that she has learned thus far.  Each week we… Read More

COVID-19 and the Zoom Industry

When COVID-19 hit the United States during March of 2020, the country came to an abrupt halt. As most businesses had no choice other than to stop in-person work, leaders were required to develop creative solutions to move the company forward. With expanded technology development over the past two decades, many have looked into alternative… Read More

Billie Dragoo Returns to Franklin College as Keynote Speaker

  At 10 am on May 22, 2021, the Franklin College Commencement Ceremony was held as 194 undergraduates and 25 graduate students welcomed the next  stage in their lives. Lucky for them, Billie Dragoo was honored as the keynote speaker delivering an address full of inspiration, advice, and the motto that has aided her throughout… Read More