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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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Integrating RPO or RPO hybrid models into an overall talent strategy is essential in today’s environment. In this time of constant and massive change, outsourced or internal shared service recruitment solutions provide the necessary hiring support structure to select and hire the talent organizations need to execute their strategy and succeed.

Types of RPO

This type of RPO is ideal for organizations experiencing rapid development and changing hiring needs. With On Demand RPO, RepuCare is ready to step in whenever your company needs us.

On-Demand RPO

Function-Based RPO is performed when RepuCare focuses on one specific area for your company's hiring needs.

Function- Based RPO
Full RPO

With this model, RepuCare is utilized for every part of the recruitment process. We tackle sourcing, marketing, interviewing, and all other necessary steps for hiring.

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RPO: The Future of Hiring

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