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Access to Healthcare

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Many Americans lack affordable healthcare. Tens of millions of people are uninsured and tens of millions more people are underinsured and cannot afford out-of-pocket medical expenses. Lack of proper coverage limits the access that people have to healthcare and will cause them to face many financial hardships if they find themselves in positions needing to seek treatment for serious illnesses.

The lack of access to healthcare can be caused by many things, one of these being a shortage of providers. Regardless of their ability to afford healthcare, many people seeking healthcare even have trouble finding care because of provider and facility shortages. Shortages of providers have become a severe issue since the COVID-19 pandemic. There simply are not enough workers to meet the demands of people needing healthcare. This problem is especially prominent in rural areas around the country and is only getting worse.

In addition to the shortage of providers, healthcare costs have increased at rates well ahead of inflation for decades. It would be one thing if the high healthcare had benefits, but that is not the case. The United States spends significantly more on healthcare compared to other countries but does not have better healthcare outcomes, in fact, they are worse. For example, life expectancy in the United States is nearly three years lower than the average in other countries and is declining. With these trends, people fear that healthcare could become even more unaffordable.

Here at RepuCare, we recognize the need for solutions by assisting and partnering with different companies and organizations advocating for underserved populations and more affordable healthcare.

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