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International Women's Day

The month of March is a special time for us at RepuCare, considering our status as a proud Women-Owned Business (WBE). Beginning in 1910, March 8th became annually observed as International Women's Day. Created in honor of the 1908 garment workers' strike in New York, where groups of women adamantly protested unacceptable working conditions, International Women’s Day is now celebrated across the globe as a day to recognize and uplift the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

This year, RepuCare honored International Women’s Day by asking a few of our employees to reflect on the important women in their lives who have significantly impacted them. We’re thrilled to share our answers with you here:

Billie Dragoo, CEO & Founder: “As a woman leader and advocate for most, I admire and respect many women that stand up and speak up. I have an amazing tribe of women around me that do this, and they live their life with compassionate responsibility."


Noel Rodriquez, Finance and Accounting: “My wife.  She is my life partner for over 28 years and we teach each other daily.”

Shanna Carter, Executive Assistant/Office Manager: “Georgia Ann Carter. My mother. There is no other woman in the world I admire more for all she has overcome and accomplished.  She is kind and selfless and raised five kids that she loved in all the individual and specific ways we needed her love and attention. Just as she continues to do. While her youngest two were in HS, she decided to go back to college and got her bachelor’s at 58 years old. My daughter, Julia, was 3 months old at her graduation! Georgia Ann was a great example for us kids to see, watching how hard she worked through the years as a single mom. She’s truly amazing. She is my best friend and the greatest role model, not only to me, but to all 13 of her grandkids – they all think she is one of a kind!”

Brad Dragoo, Director of Operations: “Easy…My Wife!  She has an endless reservoir of patience and endurance when dealing with life events (like meeting me and my having my offspring, lol!) that I have not been able to match in over 25 years of knowing her. 

Bret Schoff, RFP Coordinator: “My maternal grandmother was one the most influential women in my life. Delores was fair-minded but tough.  She was upright and a straight shooter.  Unlike most, she saw through me and expected exemplary behavior because she knew I was capable of it.  And whenever I fell short, she was sure to tell me. Delores is the rock on which our family stands.”

Andrew Kramer, Talent Acquisition Specialist: “The first person I call when I need advice or am seeking stability or a clear opinion on something is my sister, Taylor. Though younger than me, she always has the unique ability to calm me, listen to me, and offer her thoughts. A wife, a mother, a sister, a nurse…she is an amazing woman.”

Betsi Bayles, HR Generalist: “I admire my mom more than anyone.  She has taught me what it means to be a strong woman, and how to stand up for what you believe in while remaining kind.”

Kelly Hidy, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist: “A woman I greatly admire is our CEO, Billie Dragoo.  She embodies the term “self-made”.  Any room she enters, she brings with her a sense of determination and accomplishment. We can all aspire to be like her”

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