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Billie Dragoo on Entrepreneurship and Empowering Women

“Our dreams are often at odds with our realities, demanding freedoms and resources we may not have. But this doesn't make them impossible to achieve.” - Jayson Demers

Billie Dragoo, founder, and CEO of RepuCare and the Indiana Conference for Women chose not only to dream of the impossible but to do the impossible by not breaking when obstacles seem insurmountable. Billie has faced matters such as conquering inequities for women in entrepreneurship, pivoting in business, and moving the needle by creating a conference to foster a collaborative effort with women in business.

Billie states, “I didn't choose entrepreneurship, it chose me.” She is passionate about healthcare and felt she could make a big difference in this space, noting entrepreneurs are people who can change the world. She has persevered, creating products and services that are making the world a better place. She is a risk-taker that understands the BIG change one small step can make because entrepreneurship isn't just one thing, it's a million little things.

Billie continues to have many aspirations for the city of Indianapolis and hopes to see a big increase in women-owned businesses, more women leadership programs, and to have the media showcase more stories of the amazing women in our communities. “There are so many untold stories of women who have dreams of entrepreneurship and may feel it's just not in their grasp.” She feels so strongly about women in business that she continues her work by lobbying in three main areas: access to capital, having more women on corporate boards, and identifying pathways to venture capital for women-owned businesses.

As a co-founder of The Indiana Conference for Women, both Billie and her team believe environments that foster the growth and development of women lead to healthier and more resilient communities and stronger economic growth. She believes membership and attending events hosted by organizations such as the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Indiana Conference for Women, Indianapolis Chamber Women in Business Conference, Integrating Woman Leaders (IWL), and the Start-Up Ladies are essential for aspiring, emerging, and established business owners.

Billie believes “If you help one woman, you help a thousand," and that shows in her continued support for organizations and her passion to grow, develop and nurture women entrepreneurs.

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