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Managing Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict can occur between two or more people due to a disagreement or differing interests and ideas. This can occur for several reasons, some of which consist of unclear expectations, lack of teamwork, poor communication, and/or different personality types.

A level of healthy conflict can be positive for a company’s growth. However, if workplace conflict is bad and goes unmanaged, it can result in high turnover. It is important to remember that workplace conflict is almost unavoidable, but there are efficient ways in managing these conflicts and disagreements amongst co-workers, employees, and bosses.

One of the best ways to resolve workplace conflicts before they even start is to be proactive. This means identifying any areas that could create possible conflicts and intervening before they ever occur. Being proactive also means that if a problem does arise, it will likely be resolved in a shorter amount of time and any damage done will be minimized.

Using clear communication is key to preventing conflicts in the workplace. Lack of communication can cause a great number of issues as behavioral expectations may not be as defined and/or people’s intentions may be misinterpreted. Therefore, it is wise to use effective communication in all aspects of work.

Timing also plays an important role in managing workplace conflict. It is important to resolve conflicts, so they do not create a worse situation. You will want to give people space when you approach them to resolve the issue in a calm manner.

Workplace conflict is not always a bad thing as it can bring team building and opportunities for growth.

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