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Growing Through New Experiences

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Earlier this month, RepuCare took a hike – literally! The team headed to Holiday Park in Indianapolis for a team building retreat with DNK Presents. This exercise was a chance for the people who make it all happen to get out of the office and strengthen their interpersonal bonds and take some time to focus on health and wellness, all while enjoying the great outdoors. Sharing their personal and professional goals with one another and working together through a series of team-building exercises, the team had a chance to laugh, learn and grow with one another. The day was filled with new adventures for all, including Billie’s very first hiking experience.

RepuCare Supervisor, Marion Robinson, had this to say: “I want to thank [Billie] for giving me the opportunity to participate in a team building exercise at Holiday Park. I got a lot out of the hike with my colleagues and it inspired me to be more proactive in incorporating exercise in my daily routine. I found the park to be a great place to take a nice, but challenging walk. It’s a great place to connect with nature. I believe the opportunity will increase my health and quality of life because it showed me my knees are in better shape than I thought. Again, thank you and I believe your investment was well worth it.”

Taking advantage of opportunities to grow as a team is central to RepuCare’s philosophy. We’d like to thank DNK Presents for hosting us and helping us achieve this commitment. Looking forward, our team is looking forward to welcoming new experiences like these as we continue to grow our team and our company.

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