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Why a Human Touch Matters in Recruiting

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Technology is continuously advancing right before our eyes. We use it every day from work to our personal lives. Technology is designed to help make our lives easier. In the world of recruiting, companies often use technology to filter through applicants and track performance. While this does make finding the right candidate less complex, we often still need a human touch in the recruitment process.

As stated above, applicant tracking systems (ATS) can make recruiting easier, but it can also interfere with applicant selections. ATS is not flawless and can accidentally rank qualified candidates lower than they should be. This substantial accident can be related to simple formatting issues on resumes. By having a human touch involved in the application process, recruiters can verify the applicant rankings and mistakes can be avoided.

A human touch in recruiting can also make your company stand out from competitors. Personal touches can make the people applying to your position feel more comfortable and important while in return making your company more memorable. Plus, involving human recruiters can help build a connection needed in the recruiting process. ATS cannot read personalities to see if the candidate would be a great fit in your work environment, however, people can.

At RepuCare, we pride ourselves on having that needed personal touch. Our talent acquisition specialists build relationships with each candidate. RepuCare makes our applicants and clients feel confident in their selection.


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