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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Staffing

AI could make healthcare cheaper, more effective, more personalized, and more equitable.

But what are the current challenges in healthcare? The United States spends more money than any other country in the world on healthcare, but our health outcomes are lower than all developed countries in the world.

“Millennials want to be able to have their healthcare consultation from the same place they order their dinner…from the couch.” says Tom Lawry, National Director of AI for Health & Life Sciences at Microsoft. Baby Boomers are more inclined to want a primary care provider so they can get everything in one place. AI allows multiple generations to access and manage their healthcare on their own terms.

AI can be used to make predictions about medical care. It can predict emergency department volumes to get a better handle on staffing. AI can potentially predict treatments that could be most effective for women with breast cancer. Healthcare teams also use natural language processing to improve patient scans. “When a radiologist looks at a scan, they’re typically looking for one thing…But many times in the background, something else can be seen.” AI can recognize these other secondary issues, ahead of a future pending health problem.

One of the biggest things AI promises is to change how clinical work is done. Many tasks that are deemed repetitive, AI can automate to help health professionals perform better. Without having to worry about the charting and the paperwork, AI can help improve outcomes for patients.

AI can impact the world of healthcare, but not so much so for the need to be alarmed. “What artificial intelligence is good at is things like pattern recognition. Its great at sifting through massive amounts of data to find something that humans aren’t capable of finding or would take years for humans to find.” Tom says.AI can’t reflect the wisdom, empathy, and creativity that humans have, which are all important for the care process.

With AI, could we be closer to getting those burnt-out nurses a break they so desperately need.

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